Private Instruction - 8 Participants

Private Instruction - 8 Participants
Från NZD 1 750,00 NZ$
  • Plats: Aoraki Mount Cook Village, South canterbury
  • Produktkod: PI8

Each participant must fill in a separate booking form.

Alpine Guides Private Instruction package offers tailored group mountaineering instruction and guiding. We can look after any group of friends, or professional team that need a specialised alpine training program.

Guiding or "Instruction" - it's your trip

Because the PI package is your trip, we won't bore experienced alpinists with too much technical instruction. If it's a peak bagging mission you want, that's what you'll get.

Alternatively we can arrange a private course similar to the Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) or Technical Alpine Rock course.

We look after people of all backgrounds - from high school students to hardcore military teams, and clubs training for himalayan objectives